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Get those calendars ready....

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We've got some exciting additions coming your way! Mark your calendars now!

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support. This past year, we have done some pretty amazing things. Our team is excited to add some new events to our calendar, and we are working closely with our local First Responders agencies to make sure they are receiving the products they need.


2nd Annual Black-Tie Gala is back!

Ticket info will be released mid-February.

Dinner, guest speakers, awards from local agencies, presentation on FRB's fundraising efforts, raffles, silent auctions, displays, and more are included at this formal event.


If you are looking for a fun casual event, this is it! We are bringing it back after its overwhelming success last year! Home brewer competition, brewery samples, raffle, silent auction, games, and a beef dinner!



Ok, not exactly... but, we are looking for volunteers to help us with our events, donors, and sponsors!

If you are a crafter, business owner, or just plain supporter, and would like to donate items to our events please reach out to us. All of you are appreciated, and we are happy to assist you with marketing and advertising your business at our events.

You can reach us at 775.530.2289 | Reply back to this email | Facebook us

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