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Yerington Police Department Receives Grant from FRB

In early March, FRB received a grant request from Chief Wagner, Yerington Police Department, for the acquisition of a new automated target system.

There are certain criteria we must meet when we discuss grant requests. First Responders Benefits requires that all grant requests fall into one of three categories. The categories are Officer Training, Officer Safety and Equipment, and Community Engagement and Awareness. Each category increases the chances of the proposal being approved.

The grant proposal was for a new target system for the training range. The reactive targets provide a level of realism that standard automated targets cannot. Since they are mobile, instructors can move from location to location, even in vehicles. This system stresses your training by combining performance time with "threat/no threat" decisions. Redundancy and anticipation are eliminated, and the shooter is forced to use discretion. This training system offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Example of "threat/no threat"

Not only is this an obvious check in the officer training box, but we also felt that this would fall into the Officer Safety and Equipment category. With enhanced training in a more realistic environment, these officers are better equipped to make those split second decisions.

We want to thank Chief Wagner and the Yerington Police Department for reaching out to us on this project. The system is in and we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to check it out!

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